Reddit – Ask Me Anything

Peter did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) over on Reddit yesterday. There are some interesting revelations over there, some of my favourites below. Head on over to check out the full thread!

I was heavily inspired by the Saga of the Exiles by Julian May.

Yes, the Commonwealth post-Void will be in Night Without Stars.

How does one have their name chosen to grace a character in one of your books?
I put several friends in – often to die badly.

The book I’m writing Night Without Stars, is the last one planned for the Commonwealth universe. If I go back there it won’t be for several years.

If the opportunity arose, would you be open to other authors writing stories in universes you have created, similar to how Baen Books has used multiple authors in the Honorverse, Bolo series, Ring of Fire series or how lots of authors are brought in to write novels in various licensed franchises?
Not sure about this one. I tend to be fairly protective of my universes. If it happened I expect I would be a very intrusive editor.

And, of course, the most important question of them all:

Whats your favorite beer?

My review for The Abyss Beyond Dreams

the-abyss-beyond-dreams-ukOver at I review Peter’s latest novel, The Abyss Beyond Dreams. Here’s a little taster, but head over there for the full review.

It’s safe to say that The Abyss Beyond Dreams is an ambitious novel, not only in scope, but also as a pre-sequel. To tackle an issue that the reader already knows has been resolved is initially confusing. After all, the Void Trilogy essentially renders Nigel’s quest redundant – it’s set many centuries after the events here, and the Void is still standing. Given this it’s hard to put into words just how shocked I was come its finale, and how desperate I am to read the conclusion to the Chronicle of the Fallers (The Night Without Stars, expected late 2015).

New Cover Art for the Commonwealth Books

pandoras-star-rostantjudas-unchained-rostantdreaming-void-rostanttemporal-void-rostantevolutionary-void-rostantAs you can see, here are the new covers for the Commonwealth books, and done in the same style as The Abyss Beyond Dreams. Larry Rostant is the man behind these and, frankly, I love them. So much better than the previous re-coverings, and different enough from Jim Burns’ originals to take nothing away from them.

Here’s hoping that Peter’s publisher continues this style with his other novels. Personally I just want a new cover for Fallen Dragon, the novel of his that always seems forgotten…

Peter on the radio, and final signing

Quick news flash!

Peter is on Radio 4’s Today programme at 8.40 tomorrow morning, defending big books after Ian McEwen’s comments this week.

Also, the final signing has now been announced:

Tuesday 7th October
Waterstones Canterbury (Rose Lane, apparently there are two in the town)
8 Rose Lane
For more info
Phone: 01227 452354

Family Matters, a Greg Mandel story – ebook available now

family-mattersPeter’s short story, Family Matters, is now available in ebook form. You can buy it via amazon at these links: Amazon UK,

Family Matters is an updated version of The Suspect Genome, of which Peter says:

I did once, it was a novella called The Suspect Genome which was published by Interzone magazine back in 2000 (won the BSFA award that year, too!). And there’s a reason it has never been reprinted or released on line. One of the central ideas of DNA profiling I came up with for Suspect Genome was overtaken by real DNA fingerprinting and analysis, as anyone who, like me, watches CSI could tell you. A standard SF author paranoia about reality passing you by and thumbing its nose while laughing in a sneering way.
But as this is the 20th year since Greg first appeared, in Mindstar Rising, I’ve taken a look at The Suspect Genome again. With some careful editing and a few new paragraphs it’s been possible to remove the failed ‘future past’ technology and preserve the main whodunnit story.
There were also some anachronisms that needed removing, like telephone boxes. After all, this was written about a future that’s only twenty years away and there aren’t many of them left now, certainly not in Rutland where Greg lives (will live?). Thankfully most of the other details of life in Greg’s universe aren’t too passé. The title name had to go as well, and it’s now called Family Matters (a bad pun I know, but I couldn’t resist).